About Dr. Keshav Malhotra
Dr. Keshav Malhotra (MBBS, MCE) was awarded a gold medal in his undergraduate degree in India; and earned a High Distinction in his Masters in Clinical Embryology at Monash University, Melbourne.

Still in the nascent years of his career, Dr. Malhotra has already become one of the leading embryologists in the country- and is quickly gaining international repute. Not only is he one of the very few holders of such a specialized Masters degree in India, but also he is one of 20 embryologists in the entire country to hold the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) Certification.

While taking one of the embryology courses in the world, Dr. Malhotra has also gained practical experience under some of the best embryologists. He has additional certifications from National University Singapore, Monash University Australia, University College London, Guys Hospital London, and Peking Third University China. He is therefore thoroughly well read and updated with all the latest ART procedures globally, and has worked on mitochondrial ICSI during his training in Australia.

He is in the editorial team of 5 sought after books and has published numerous chapters and articles in other books and journals.

Pioneering Embryology in India
While practicing full-time, has also conducts workshops at partner organizations and delivers lectures in his time away from the clinics. He has delivered more than 150 such lectures- both domestically and in countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Jakarta, Srilanka, Malaysia, Taiwan and Dubai.

As yet another mark of his skill, Dr. Malhotra also continually moderates the steering groups for the Health Care Skill Council, which is a branch of the Ministry of Skill Development of India. His inputs are being used to formulate the Occupational Standards for Embryologists in India, making him one of the pioneers of the entire field in the country.

Dr. Malhotra is also actively involved in perhaps all of the major societies and conferences of infertility professionals worldwide:
• In April 2018, he was elected to the coveted board of the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction and is the youngest ever board member in the history of the ISAR.
• In 2016, he was appointed to be a member of the quality control and accreditation committee of ASPIRE (Asia-Pacific Initiative on Reproduction). ASPIRE is the third largest body of infertility professionals in the world.
• In 2016, he was the joint organizing secretary of the Second World Congress of Embryo Transfer and IUI held in Srilanka in 2016. Dr. Malhotra has also played managerial roles in several other conferences like AICOG (2016) and ISAR (2017) in the recent past.
• He is currently the Joint Treasurer of the Delhi Chapter of ISAR and is a member of various other infertility organizations.
• Dr. Malhotra is also a full-time practitioner, and spearheads the Training Department at Rainbow IVF, which trains an average of 200 Specialists from all over the world every year.

Clinical Experience
Dr. Malhotra is the cornerstone and foundation of the oocyte/fertility cryopreservation program at Rainbow IVF. This program boasts of a 54% clinical pregnancy rate with frozen eggs. He also heads a team of 6 doctors that offer embryology solutions to almost 15 clinics in the country, together they do around 2500 cycles per year and all boast of consistent good results throughout.
Dr. Keshav is constantly working towards better quality control and management, and is deeply involved in overall troubleshooting exercises for all of his partner clinics.


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