Rainbow Embryology is a unique concept which will change the face of freelancing in IVF. Our Team highly qualified embryologists are well versed in all ART procedures and we offer our experience at a very affordable cost which enables any centre even in the remotest of areas to grab the Rainbow Advantage. We have consistently high fertilization rates and pregnancy rates across the country. The team is Certified in Vitirification and with our constant handwork we have been able to achieve 100% survival rates with vitrification. The team was also instrumental in delivering the first baby from frozen eggs in UP, and we have very high pregnancy rates frozen eggs as well. Having a team means that our dates our flexible and there is no need to change your schedule because of non availability of the embryologist, which is more convenient for the clinic and there are no loss of patients in any way.

We have core team trained in all aspects of ART. IVF ICSI PICSI IMSI OPU ET VITRIFICATION you name it and we can do it for you. Contact me dr.keshavmalhotra@gmail.com for more details.

Having trouble with your results, We can help. With our vast experience in the field of ART we have 14 clinics establish their ART centres and have also done troubleshooting excercises for various other centres.

With our knowledge and experience and partnership with top embryologists nationally and internationally we conduct audits in clinics and try to identify possible areas of Concern and Improvement. Our Auditing team carefully analyses all parameters in the laboratory and send you a detailed report of compliance to international standards and guidelines.

2 visits + Practice Guidelines/Manuals + Teaching of staff to the concept of Quality control + External Audit + Online Follow up to attain Quality at par with International Standards.